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Compassionate Care being showcased between a nurse and her patient, a tenant of Aqua Home Care
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Hospice care is for those with terminal conditions, aiming to make them comfortable and manage pain in their final stages. This can be overwhelming, but our Aqua Home Care team is here to guide, support, and offer caring options. You’re not alone in these tough moments; we’re here to bring comfort and companionship to this important time.

Aqua Home Care understands that navigating end-of-life circumstances is a sensitive journey. Our Compassionate Hospice Care services in Port St. Lucie, Florida are designed to provide a gentle and supportive presence during this challenging time. We offer a comforting sanctuary, whether in the familiar surroundings of home or within the caring environment of a facility. Our compassionate caregivers are here to guide you through every step, ensuring dignity, respect, and solace for individuals and their families.

Home Hospice

Our In-Home Hospice Care in Port St. Lucie transforms residences into comforting spaces where individuals can experience the warmth of familiar surroundings. Our caregivers provide not just medical support but also emotional and spiritual care, ensuring that your loved ones find peace and comfort in their cherished spaces. We understand the emotional landscape of end-of-life care, and our team is dedicated to providing companionship, active listening, and compassionate care at all times.

Facility Hospice

For those who prefer the supportive environment of a facility, our Compassionate Hospice Care integrates into various settings. Be it a hospice facility or a skilled nursing environment, our caregivers extend the same level of compassion, dignity, and support. We prioritize your loved one’s comfort and well-being, creating a compassionate presence that complements the care provided by the facility.

The emotional journey during hospice care is significant, and our caregivers are trained to navigate this terrain with sensitivity and compassion. Aqua Home Care acknowledges the emotional challenges faced by individuals and their families and provides a caring touch that extends beyond medical needs. Our goal is to offer emotional support, companionship, and a comforting presence during these poignant moments. We also believe in collaborative care, actively involving individuals and their families in care decisions. Your wishes matter, and we prioritize an approach that aligns with your unique preferences and goals. 

As the final chapter unfolds, Aqua Home Care is here to guide you through tender goodbyes filled with comfort and warmth. Let us be the caring support you need during these difficult times.

A patient, and male nurse showcasing care between them, as exemplified by Aqua Home Care

Yes, all care providers must pass a Level 2 Background Screening (requires fingerprinting). Aqua Home Care ensures care providers have met all state requirements prior to being registered and referred to clients. Once registered, they must maintain all credentials in order to remain active with the Nurse Registry.

Yes, we work with all Long Term Care Insurance companies. Aqua Home Care assists clients and family members throughout the entire Long Term Care (LTC) claims process. This includes checking policy benefits, submitting care logs, invoices and other required documentation to help expedite reimbursement for services.

Yes, Aqua Home Care is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry and is bonded and insured. Additionally, referred care providers carry individual professional liability policies and must meet all credentialing requirements set forth by the state.

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Nathan Bornstein
Port St. Lucie
Aqua Home Care’s staff is very helpful, understanding and efficient, the aides are generally good and experienced.
Mike Harris
Port St. Lucie
Aqua Home Care employ staff of the highest caliber. The staff are very experienced, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and very caring.
Jerry Abrams
Port St. Lucie
Our Family could not have asked for more talented and concerned aides than we had. I will always be indebted to Aqua Home Care.