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Compassionate Dementia Care
Dementia care stands as a pivotal pillar of support for seniors facing memory-related challenges. This specialized form of care not only ensures their physical comfort but also addresses their emotional well-being, fostering a higher quality of life. Seniors dealing with dementia require special assistance…
Exceptional Senior Care at Aqua Home Care
Senior care plays a pivotal role in ensuring the health, happiness, and overall well-being of our beloved elders. The benefits and importance of caring for elders are manifold. From assistance with daily activities to companionship and medical support, proper senior care provides a comprehensive…
Managing Daily Routines with In-Home Care
Our daily routines provide a sense of order amidst all of the changes that come along in life. They keep us centered on what we need to do each day to maintain our bodies and our minds. Well-established routines are performed without much thought,…
Cold and Flu Season: Precaution and Support for In-Home Care Recipients
With holiday festivities, seasonal vacations, annual traditions and the arrival of visiting relatives just around the corner, excitement is certainly in the air as we welcome this special time of year. Unfortunately, the viruses that cause the flu and the common cold are also…
Caregivers, Providers, Advocates: Standing Up and Speaking Out for Client Wellbeing
It can feel very unnerving when your needs are not being met, your concerns are being swept under the rug, or your wants/opinions are not being considered. Frustration and defeat are often felt when it seems no one is listening, and feelings of abandonment…
International Infection Prevention Week: Services that Promote Infection Prevention with Aqua Home Care
International Infection Prevention Week is observed yearly in October. This month from the 16th through the 22nd, healthcare professionals, educators and communities are raising awareness about the importance of preventing infections while promoting best practices. Staying well and preventing illness is always of utmost…
Supervision for Wellbeing with Aqua Home Care
For individuals living with conditions that impact memory, managing everyday tasks and activities can be quite difficult. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, head injuries and more can produce symptoms and behaviors that inhibit physical safety. While some effects can be managed by medications, daily support is…
Home Advantage: The Perks of Home with In-Home Care
In the realm of sports it has been said that players tend to perform better in their own arenas versus when they visit others. It isn’t hard to see the reasoning, as one would imagine familiar surroundings are conducive to higher levels of comfortability…
Care You Can Count On: Quality and Consistency with Aqua Home Care
The element of surprise can be quite a treat. We naturally welcome happy announcements, unexpected gifts, and positive turns of events. On the other hand, not all surprises come bearing upbeat circumstances, and sometimes we need consistency in our lives in order to feel…
The Benefits of Choosing Aqua Home Care
When thinking about all of the ins and outs of in-home care, it can help to have a guiding hand. Choosing a caregiver to provide the daily support you need when you need it most is a major decision. Services offered, availability, level of caregiver…
In-Home Care and Dietary Wellness: Meal Preparation Services that Accommodate Your Needs
Here at Aqua Home Care, our team has had the pleasure of referring trusted in-home caregivers to individuals seeking support at home for many years. Compassionate caregivers from our registry meet their clients’ in-home care needs in every way. With a vast range of options,…
As Directed: Managing Medications with In-Home Care
For many, healthy living and quality living go hand in hand. Following advice from a medical professional can help prolong good health, and, should it become necessary, taking medications as recommended can help as well. From reducing troublesome symptoms to regulating the body’s proper levels…
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Jerry Abrams
Port St. Lucie
Our Family could not have asked for more talented and concerned aides than we had. I will always be indebted to Aqua Home Care.
Nathan Bornstein
Port St. Lucie
Aqua Home Care’s staff is very helpful, understanding and efficient, the aides are generally good and experienced.
Mike Harris
Port St. Lucie
Aqua Home Care employ staff of the highest caliber. The staff are very experienced, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and very caring.
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